lunes, 18 de enero de 2016

The consequences of colonialism

The consequences of colonialism were devastating for some natives populations. The Local governments were eliminated or subjected to foreign control; the native economy was altered as the colonies replaced traditional crops with plantations of products for exportation; commerce was mainly beneficial for metropolitan state and the infrastructures were built based on private interests. Industrial development did not take place in these territories and territorial frontiers were not clearly marked, which would bring later conflicts. Society was divided between a foreign dominating minority that controlled government and lived in luxurious villas and the native majority that lived apart. The native cultures were suppressed or marginalised and Western culture and values were imposed.

For the metropolitan state colonialism was the mostly positive as it brought wealth and political power, but it also provoked confrontation between countries that led to the First World War. 

We talk about these unit

How were consequences? To who?
Could you put an example of any consequence?

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